Thursday, April 9, 2009


1. Do you enjoy blogging?
Yes or No?
IF YES OR NO please explains why:
Yes I enjoy blogging .As a writer, it's nice to have your own personal space on the internet where you can write down your thoughts and feelings about the world, your favorite interests, or even your own life. With a blog you're free to tackle the subjects that really interest you, and a blog just really allows you to have your say.
In running and maintaining a blog you can build up an audience, and express your opinions to the masses. It's great to have a blog, and it just really gets your creative juices flowing.

2. Based on your experience what is the benefit of blogging?
Based on my experience blogging could enhance my writing skill as well as increase my vocabularies. Therefore I can write unlimited topics that interest me.

3. Do you need more assistance to set up your blog?
Yes or No?

4. Do you have any memorable/favorite topic in your blog?
Yes or No?
If YES Please list which topic?
Yes it is about white phosphorus bomb that widely used by Israel to kill Palestinians. It is a really dangerous bomb not only to people but also to environment.

5 .List 5 advantages of blogging for you
-enhances writing skill
-increases vocabularies
-shares thought
-makes friends-
6. List 5 disadvantages of blogging
- it spends hours for a posting.- it takes too much time to manage a blog, kind of complicated.
-blogging is not accessible without internet
- create provocation

7. Will you continue blogging after the course?
Yes or No?
If Yes or No please explain why:
Yes I will continue blogging in order to improve my writing skill.

8. Do you think that blogging improve your writing? Yes or no?
Yes, definitely.

9. Do you think that we should continue with blogging activity for the next batch of students? Yes or no?

10. Will you recommend your friend to blog? Yes or no?